NEW ARRIVAL! 2017 Captain Lithium 2000w 60v Electric Scooter (Red)

99.00€  1,799.00€
Model: model0824020

New Arrival 2107 Captain Lithium 2000w 60v Electric Scooter From Hypertoyz is designed for performance with the most powerful 2000w motor that will allow you to travel up to 40mph. Sit down to ride or remove the seat and ride while standing on our new Wooden deck. Charge up the scooter for 2-4 hours and it is ready to travel over 20 miles depending on the rider's weight. The New LED Throttle, Upgraded Kickstand, LED Speedometer W/Trip Meter Transformer LED headlight and Brake Light provides illumination while help keep you aware of your surroundings. The New Captain Lithium 2000 Watt 60v Racing Electric Scooter is a great choice for taking off and going very Fast.

New 2000 watt 5400 RPM Brush less Motor

Brush less motors are more efficient and use less electricity resulting in longer ride times and longer distance per charge.

They are more compact and are capable of running at much higher RPMs resulting in more power and top speed.

There are no brushes, Brushes are simply copper metal rods that are pushed against the inner wall of the motor to make electric contact in order to get the motor to turn. Since brush less motors are missing just that