MotoTec 49cc 2-Stroke 3-Speed Gas Scooter

75.00€  550.00€
Model: model08182

This is the Best 49cc 3-Speed Gas Scooter Model MT-GS3 (Includes EPA Certified Gas Engine)

The MotoTec 3-Speed stand-up gas scooter is the only Gas Scooter of this size that features a 3-speed hub gearbox with Shimano brand twist shifter, 11 inch air filled knobby tires, front/rear shocks, front/rear disk brakes and rugged chain drive. Most stand up mini gas scooters are 36cc to 43cc but finding one with a 49cc and 3 Speed shifter is going to be tough to get. This scooter is fast and fun to ride. It sports a rugged look, it is a light weight pull start style 49cc gas scooter that is easy to ride, compact and light. Shipping is FREE to your door.

MotoTec 49cc 2-Stroke 3-Speed Gas Scooter Key Features

3-Speed Hub Gearbox (Shimano)

Knobby tires

Front & Rear shocks

Front & Rear disk brakes

Rugged chain drive